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guess who’s eminem….

so its been a while, but fear not, i amback! a combination of really shitty internet, quitting my job and preparing for a move to canada has meant zilch zero diddly squat time to put pictures up that maybe 10 peo0pple will actually see… we been tripping, digging, riding, making friends, seeing old ones, making plans, and most importantly, GETTING RAD. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

psa for bondos birthday, hes finally 16. good on ya mate! and testing some lunkers, first runs didnt go too well, short lip syndrome got me real bad. come up short to probabbly chainring but deployed before, thought id done me other knee in, but its all gravy i can kneel down again now. anyway, bit of mellowing and lengthening and we were all systems go! pg tips, get a brew on! 


ive lived here for my whole life, and aside from a drunken bike pub bike crawl i had never cycled the whole strawb line. me and marth caught the train up to yatton and on a splendid day in may, we cycled the 23 miles home. aside from some mega chafe (i have bought shorts and slimmer saddle since) and having to push my lady up the hills, proving to be a bit dodge haha we made it. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


before the green exploded. want to see the green explosion? ….


okay where im stood, thats the “lip” , over the next line and next to the small tree… thats the landing. be afraid, be very afraid. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

dialed in lawn. derek and co have some big jumps. i want to say that long one is 35ft+ and the next one…. ooosh. but in all seriousness, the stepdown before it. dave, you have a death wish. thanks to dezzer and the lads for having us. get painting boys! 

i have lots more to say, but no time. i have lots more photos too. the woods are green. 

rained out yesterday, but the sun is coming…. two jumps left to test and the woods are “done”


make fires, drink tea, talk shit. get out there and get rad.



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