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near and far, solo or team, sunshine or rain; its always good to go on a journey. some times you’re on your own, other times you are in a 306 with 5 people, 3 bikes, 6 bags, two wheels, one spade and a guitar. its the nature of the beast.  lets make like a hat and get ahead.ImageImageImage

rode pree vale plankhouse, crazy thing was, i thought the kids had gone back to school, turns out they like their inset days over in poole, regardless it was quiet (although the guys said it was busy?!) and i managed to snake a few scooters and nearly de-capitate myself on the roof…



where will your bmx take you? where will you let it take you? and if you do decide to roll that road out into the great unknown, who will you meet? will you apply the 90’s handshake howdya do my name is boyd, is this your local? hows it going? or will you apply the ’13 someone did a stunt, quick bro fist and then earphones back in?  i always choose the first option, and it has opened many doors for me, and ive had the pleasure of shaking many a good mans hand, and shared many a story to boot. get out there and start making your own incredi-novel.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



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heres a coupla acres.

shit finally came together at the field and its fun as hell, and easy as hell. mission accomplished! Imagenow to clay the rest of the line… damn its gonna be fun. carhart clay master, bit of  dirt surfing! shakka brah



the man himself, without this dude, none of this woulda happened! thanks to wayne and his family. Image


one happy chappy after beating perfect red somerset ruby clay in -2 weather….Image

well in team. oooooshhh


more fun to come soon.. roll on those t shirt and shorts, cider in hand, after work sessions. riding as the sun goes down.