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pack your bags

and hit the open roadImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


 eight words that will ensure you have a good time. go see friends, go visit other trail building brothers works of art. get inspired. have fun. love your life.


guess who’s eminem….

so its been a while, but fear not, i amback! a combination of really shitty internet, quitting my job and preparing for a move to canada has meant zilch zero diddly squat time to put pictures up that maybe 10 peo0pple will actually see… we been tripping, digging, riding, making friends, seeing old ones, making plans, and most importantly, GETTING RAD. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

psa for bondos birthday, hes finally 16. good on ya mate! and testing some lunkers, first runs didnt go too well, short lip syndrome got me real bad. come up short to probabbly chainring but deployed before, thought id done me other knee in, but its all gravy i can kneel down again now. anyway, bit of mellowing and lengthening and we were all systems go! pg tips, get a brew on! 


ive lived here for my whole life, and aside from a drunken bike pub bike crawl i had never cycled the whole strawb line. me and marth caught the train up to yatton and on a splendid day in may, we cycled the 23 miles home. aside from some mega chafe (i have bought shorts and slimmer saddle since) and having to push my lady up the hills, proving to be a bit dodge haha we made it. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


before the green exploded. want to see the green explosion? ….


okay where im stood, thats the “lip” , over the next line and next to the small tree… thats the landing. be afraid, be very afraid. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

dialed in lawn. derek and co have some big jumps. i want to say that long one is 35ft+ and the next one…. ooosh. but in all seriousness, the stepdown before it. dave, you have a death wish. thanks to dezzer and the lads for having us. get painting boys! 

i have lots more to say, but no time. i have lots more photos too. the woods are green. 

rained out yesterday, but the sun is coming…. two jumps left to test and the woods are “done”


make fires, drink tea, talk shit. get out there and get rad.



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near and far, solo or team, sunshine or rain; its always good to go on a journey. some times you’re on your own, other times you are in a 306 with 5 people, 3 bikes, 6 bags, two wheels, one spade and a guitar. its the nature of the beast.  lets make like a hat and get ahead.ImageImageImage

rode pree vale plankhouse, crazy thing was, i thought the kids had gone back to school, turns out they like their inset days over in poole, regardless it was quiet (although the guys said it was busy?!) and i managed to snake a few scooters and nearly de-capitate myself on the roof…



where will your bmx take you? where will you let it take you? and if you do decide to roll that road out into the great unknown, who will you meet? will you apply the 90’s handshake howdya do my name is boyd, is this your local? hows it going? or will you apply the ’13 someone did a stunt, quick bro fist and then earphones back in?  i always choose the first option, and it has opened many doors for me, and ive had the pleasure of shaking many a good mans hand, and shared many a story to boot. get out there and start making your own incredi-novel.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



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spring gleaming

its quarter to twelve and i got poked real hard in the eye today by a stealth branch. that shit hurt! have you ever been poked in the eye by a stealth branch?! IT SUCKS. there i was mooching about, picking up a tarp and BANG branch in the eye. hurt like a bitch. if wasnt wearing safety ray bans i couldve been seriously fucked.

so todays lesson is wear saftey ray bans when spring cleaning kids.


pretty much spent the whole day clearing out 3 years of accumulated shite, from 30 bottles to cement bags to a full bag of lime thats now a block, i was meant to test out what a clay/lime mix would be like… oh well..

IMG_8643 IMG_8641 IMG_8645

finally got the hut down… pittys favourite things are “smashing shit up and lifting heavy things” so he got straight to it tearing it down! top fella!

so now we are hutless. but to be honest, we dont use the hut in summer, only in winter and then not often. only when it pours. it was a pipedream, that got half started and never took off. will be build another? who knows… 😉

IMG_8660 IMG_8658 IMG_8635

pretty damn impressed every year when we tale the tarps off… everything is dialed in ready to rock haha! apart from the haaggard lip. need s a bit of tender loving care. sort that tomoz. went round pinning everything too, should make life a bunch easier come riding time, it takes a good hour to untarp everything and sweep the lines. i think tarps actuallt pack the jumps in too, its rad, everything is smooth as hell.

IMG_8659 IMG_8657 IMG_8655 IMG_8652 IMG_8649 IMG_8648 IMG_8640

the youth loved the fire hahaha toasted socks anyone? one point jord and dan were sweating out hahahah

team taunton hauled serious earth and we now have two new rad as hell berms at the beginning. nice and chunky! cant wait to rail those. ride th waves braaaah. better update tomoz with more pics of sunshine, woodland trails filled goodness for your viewing pleasure!

i got my new sacre bleu frame too! stoked! photos soooooooonnn

dig for victory yooooooooo





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