bonjour europcar, enchante, we are gonna fuck you up!

it seems fitting for me to write a french post… not one of recent adventures but one that took place last year, that i started, but never finished due to being screwed obver by a magazine who “wanted the photos” yeapp sound cheers mate! there are many reasons to why its taken me forever to get these up, if you are a media man/.woo-man then you will understand, the constant slew of whining bitches asking “put those pics up blah blah whine whine when are they going up” i take these motherfucking photos ill put them up when i like! it doesnt help, that if you take pics one weekend, dont sort through them, then take more the next weekend and it all builds up and you end up sitting behind a computer (in my case) getting livid at your shitty “was worse than you are actually told you are getting” BT broadband speeds uploading photos to 5 different pages because some old fart wants to be cool and not be on faceache. wait for your sweet ass photos, they will appear, even if its after a year.. crazy motherfucker called ice cube , could the real paul turner please stand up iwas too used to hucking flat and stuff. 


anywayyyyyyyyyy donncccc, rant aside, last year i planned a trip to france as the weather here in blighty was at its worst ever and i had a ACL op booked in for july. for 500 quid each we hopped in two cars, waited for panting to tidy his room for the 5th time and have his 7th shower and headed off on a french adventure. people smiled, sauccison was eaten, rasta tobac was smoked, fingers were dislocated, bouncy castles were bounced, badminton was played, backs were fried under the hot southern french sunshine and memories i will never forget were captured in millions of pixels for your viewing pleasure…

without further adieu,

i give you;

“enchante putain beche la pelle.”



bonne nuit 



the dark side


with all the exposure the dark side were bound to find it when boyd went intergalactic with the media

new diggin stick

The missis dragged me to B&Q because she wants to decorate , i believe the tyre marks and bar rubs on the hall wall add character to a property but she thinks otherwise.

Whilst she pondered the great questions in the paint isle ” hmmmm antique white , magnolia ,cream, clotted,cream , fresh cream , whipped cream “, i had a look at diggin sticks and found this :

verve shovel IMG_4267

It’s from a company called Verve ,i’m sure many have seen or have one but if you haven’t here,s my thoughts.

It looks and feels dam good a touch heavy but not too bad , the handle has two lengths of rubber for grip which feels nice especially for winter digging, as you can see in the second picture the business end has the folded over top edges which makes a big difference when pushing into the ground , it seems to be reasonably good metal , the join from head to( want to write shaft but i’m too immature to have these words together) handle is my only concern as it’s just two rivets but we shall see . the cool bit is it was only £22.98 which isn’t too bad

Here’s some pumpy pics too .

IMG_0652 IMG_4054 IMG_4052 IMG_4041 IMG_0675

its all up from here on out

quite literally, because the trails are only going to get harder and faster, and already after one weekends session we couldnt help jacking up some stuff haha! blast time!

where do i start… sunday roast in full effect! loads of rad dudes, the brockham crew; dom, luke and jon, crucial dudes, scott, mj and samwise, the raddest guy in SW bmx marty mc flyby, and his sidekick; relentless R. hahaha

not to forget ads, bazzle and the rest of the crew!

walking up the hill watching trains of all size bikes, riding in harmony and all getting rad on our hard earned work, is the best feeling ever. you can apply this is anything in life really. like if you cook a rad dinner for someone and they enjoy it, feels good huh? times that by every weekend (and some more) for 3 years, and you cant help but beam from ear to ear.

hot stuff

hot stuff

mr passionate

mr passionate


leather jacket swag?!

leather jacket swag?!

relentless evil sidekick to martine mcutcheon

relentless evil sidekick to martine mcutcheon



dear out of fuel haha

dear out of fuel haha

martyn and jon choo choo

martyn and jon choo choo

IMG_8879 IMG_8893 IMG_8897

cant wait to get this running

cant wait to get this running

built for bicycle motocross!!!

built for bicycle motocross!!!

IMG_8912 IMG_8919

grooooovy babbyyyyyy

grooooovy babbyyyyyy

IMG_8925 IMG_8927

filler patrol, race for sunlight, twilight tests hahaha night vision goggles pretty much

filler patrol, race for sunlight, twilight tests hahaha night vision goggles pretty much




even if it rains im not sure it will do much… its dusty up there!!! craaaaazzze. cant wait to get smalls running sweet, have some weird stuff to mod, and then finally link everything up! hell yeahhhh!


have a rad week! yooooooooooooo


needs sum waaaahhhterrrrrrrrr

went to the field aka 14 acres today to have a little spade mooch and see what the endless torrent of frost and snow had donte to our rushed last minute efforts before winter last year.


suprisingly everyhting looked fine… until you took your foot to it. BAM coffee granulation across the nation. nightmare.

there was only one thing left to do, rake the living fuck out the bastards and get to work!

we made solid progress, and if the boys dog as much as the say the will it will be done real soon… before easter!

everythings tarped now, its crazy to think how we survuved without tarps, i guess some people still dont use them, i saw a pic of posh on insta and no tarps! wtf! over a 100 jumps to dial from scratch every year. ded-i-fuckking-cation right there my friends. tarps save lives!

some photos of last wekends post-roast of some dialed in jumps, still bits here and there to do but its too dry now! mwhahaah!

get surk


IMG_8703 IMG_8705 IMG_8736 IMG_8757 IMG_8759 IMG_8760 IMG_8761 IMG_8763 IMG_8765 IMG_8767 IMG_8768 IMG_8770 IMG_8771 IMG_8773 IMG_8777 IMG_8779 IMG_8799 IMG_8823 IMG_8825 IMG_8831 IMG_8833 IMG_8836

watery eyes



theres a quote that says “with great power, comes great responsibility” we can apply this to building trails.

with great digging comes great stupid amounts of carefree fun with your best dudes.



i dont have much to say, as i hope the pictures will do the talking, so much fun was had by all, we roasted jumps and roasted bangers, smiles all round, the sun beat down on my face and i even sweat a drop thanks to the “chilled” temps. (aka pretty cold haha)


trails in feb! lets get rad!

IMG_3552 IMG_3558-2 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3661 IMG_3668 IMG_3697 IMG_3700 IMG_3710-2 IMG_3737 IMG_3739 IMG_3775 IMG_3781 IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3806 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3836 IMG_3854 IMG_3872

tomorrows gonna be more savage than last sesh! lots of dudes coming to share the rad! im officially calling out spring, i dug in a field in a tshirt today under clear blue skies. whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooohhooooooooo!

































taking the beches off


so it was another glorious day up the woods. finished off a il bit of the taunton boys dialed work. looks damn sick!




IMG_8675 IMG_8678

after that, thought it best to un wrap the beasts for a bit of vit d catch up, crazily everything under the tarp is pretty much how we left it, if not better in someplaces where the tarp has kinda packed it in! wtf.


making our way down theline it was pretty clearthat given a few days of sun they would ride, maybe chuck a bit of dust about and voila! shame eliminator landing needs about 50 barrows haha early morning sesh to get it done?!

IMG_8685 IMG_8686

un wrapped biggie and tupac too. get to test some stuff out, be a bit damp in places but i dont know what to exoect, 2 days of sun at this time of year can work wonders, and its forecast awesome all week!


biggie to the right and tupac to the left which will you choose?

IMG_8688 IMG_8690

no more hut… looks so crazy without it…


locks up, from the top, first set in rollercoaster


2nd set flyout, rollercoaster. new berms are gonna be radddd. hoping they bake enough to ride…


dry-ness!!!! 4th /and intimidation. gave the bowls a scrape they are ready to go…


turbo berm in biggie & tupac

Superman over the MegaRamp no writing

chilled heel clicker double flip on the megaramp (backwards) from the other day


spring gleaming

its quarter to twelve and i got poked real hard in the eye today by a stealth branch. that shit hurt! have you ever been poked in the eye by a stealth branch?! IT SUCKS. there i was mooching about, picking up a tarp and BANG branch in the eye. hurt like a bitch. if wasnt wearing safety ray bans i couldve been seriously fucked.

so todays lesson is wear saftey ray bans when spring cleaning kids.


pretty much spent the whole day clearing out 3 years of accumulated shite, from 30 bottles to cement bags to a full bag of lime thats now a block, i was meant to test out what a clay/lime mix would be like… oh well..

IMG_8643 IMG_8641 IMG_8645

finally got the hut down… pittys favourite things are “smashing shit up and lifting heavy things” so he got straight to it tearing it down! top fella!

so now we are hutless. but to be honest, we dont use the hut in summer, only in winter and then not often. only when it pours. it was a pipedream, that got half started and never took off. will be build another? who knows… 😉

IMG_8660 IMG_8658 IMG_8635

pretty damn impressed every year when we tale the tarps off… everything is dialed in ready to rock haha! apart from the haaggard lip. need s a bit of tender loving care. sort that tomoz. went round pinning everything too, should make life a bunch easier come riding time, it takes a good hour to untarp everything and sweep the lines. i think tarps actuallt pack the jumps in too, its rad, everything is smooth as hell.

IMG_8659 IMG_8657 IMG_8655 IMG_8652 IMG_8649 IMG_8648 IMG_8640

the youth loved the fire hahaha toasted socks anyone? one point jord and dan were sweating out hahahah

team taunton hauled serious earth and we now have two new rad as hell berms at the beginning. nice and chunky! cant wait to rail those. ride th waves braaaah. better update tomoz with more pics of sunshine, woodland trails filled goodness for your viewing pleasure!

i got my new sacre bleu frame too! stoked! photos soooooooonnn

dig for victory yooooooooo





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from boys to men

its bleak out here right now. as i walk across the field to the woods im hit in the face by strong winds and rain that feels like a thousand nails hitting my chops. i cant feel my hands and the only protection i have for them is my jumbo sized thermos. asda 9 quid blood bargs. 



its strangely green for this time of year. usually dont see shoots until gone feb. mid december i was digging in a t shirt! what is this? the fucking bahamas! 

not far off in alot of peoples eyes, our little slice of somerset heaven. 


theres lots of construction gone on this year. much like chris doyle said: “your first run is your natural style” i dont know if that was a joke but its funny as hell i love watching first runs, sketchy as shit sometimes, but anyway, much like your first runs, trails arent always the best they can be first time round. i feel like personally ive only just got everything dialed in; the right dirt for what task, the right way to work the dirt, how dry how wet? what packs what doesnt, whats good for dialing? buttering? where the rocks are, (everywhere), what can i use in the rain and what i cant, what areas dry out better etc. you get the idea (fuck me when is this guy gonna stop waffling we all know how to build trails) ((actually maybe you dont, ill do an instructional video in a posh english accent))

i know this year is going to be the best yet, not only is the woods fully dialed with more jumps than you can shake a stick at, more dudes who want to ride and fingers crossed some bloody sunshine! 


the woods are messy. not not that football cunt, i mean a bit untidy. winter takes its toll in these ancient woods, bracken and twigs dispersed from the trees as the heavens open and riders trundle across the debris strewn floor. UNTIL TODAY. well from last sunday anyway. me and chazzle dazzler started putting in paths everywhere. i mean everywhere. it looks rad as tits im not gonna lie. like a fine set of dd’s they weave about the trails, snaking through the jumps like a shitty, mud baked cobra. and it makes a crazy difference. just picking up all the random crap makes it look so tidy and then moving all the fallen trees into path borders and giving it a rake is another level. Image


im stoked on these steps. i remember the first time i saw steps at trails i was pumped, i think it was prettyshady or ride, epsom, like a funking 20 set or something! i want to make lots of steps now. my friend joe ( reckons that the next level of trails will be like gardening. its already come so far in the past 7 years or so. everything is shaped now, and dialed in, next it will be flowers, lawns and stuff i dunno. i cant wait to see joes backyard set up, its a trails / garden combo. ill get lots of photos sooooon. Image

from boys to men, this set has been crying out for a kleenex man size for such a long time. i guess i slacked on it because it was usually solo when stacking. its a good 7ft now, lets get lunar bro. take the lip up another 8 inches or so too itll be near vert muahahah. im calling 15ft+ off this sucker. “the eliminator” 


work in progress, i couldnt work on that corner because of the slop. so funking bad. icerink sloppy shittyness. balls out




wrapped up, but not for long. i leave you with the note of; nothing says “fuck you” more than a 7ft landing deciding to settle and half of the thing giving out…. chopped back and all to be revealed soon! roast potatoes.




i’ll be back.


leaves fall, the nights draw in. the rain feels like its falling forever. your boots are so clogged up with mud you mightaswell be wearing a pair of 10 inch heels. you dream of those sunny days, roasting in the woods, doing trains, letting that backend hang loose. suddenly you are left with nothing but bleak empty evenings.


but then a mere few months on, the days become longer. green shoots out of every inch of earth around you, the sun shows its face and your dreams become a REALITY.


all good things come to and end. and like autumn brings fallen leaves and damp dark days, spring brings colour, sunshine and hope for a kickass future.


so heres to 2013 and the future, a huge UK trails blu-ray and dvd in the works featuring over 20 spots, some well know, some unknown and some never seen on film before.


lets get out there and get muddy!