made up a new month earlier called julune, its the best month of them all

a friend asked me to write why i ride bikes and whats so good about it so here goes;


to sum up my bike, and the bikes i have owned over the years; big wheels, small wheels, all wheels, in a few words would be impossible. 
for the most part my bike has opened up so many doors for me. enabled me to travel the world and hang out with other like minded riders, share stories and tell tales of our two wheel adventures. 
its made me friends from the get go, developed me as a person and shown me a path to take in life. one day many moons ago (9 years) i saw a clip on tv of a guy jumping off a pile of dirt, and was instantly hooked.

since that day ive been out digging in the woods, in the rain, the snow, the wind, and reaping the awards in the sunshine. slogging over slabs of earth, we build mounds of dirt, sculpted to perfection in the wet and left to bake under the sun. a series of jumps in a row is called “trails” and without it, i wouldnt be half the person i am today. its taught me patience & dedication, two traits that are hard to come by in this day and age. its formed my body, given me strength, given me a positive mindset. its opened my eyes to nature around me, how the earth works and how we work around it. but most importantly, its taken me around the world, to others; just like me, digging in the dirt, in the cold, wet, windy winters, for that slice of pure unadulterated summertime sunshine fun.

bmx isnt just a hobby to me.

its a way of life.




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