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8 years ago i would sit behind my computer with  dial up internet and wait hours just to see 2 or 3 photos of trails around the uk that joe had been too. it was my biggest inspiration, and without it i might not of ever got into trails as much as i am today. last week i visited the man who created forementioned website, joe A, who now lives in france, who has a lush garden and many bikes that he is very proud of. its easy to take for granted today just how accessible trail media is with awesome stuff from jon over at canyoudigit and janis and angel & co at trail rambling, not to forget all the o.g blogs like barend, the shovelload, revenants, reign green, digital bmx, and countless others. id like to say thankyou for all your pictures and videos, theyve kept me going all these years and inspired me to start this mumbo jumbo myself. pick up and camera and photograph the shit outta everything, its rad.


happy 4 year anniversary to DIG FOUR VICTORY. (incase you are wondering the typo? dig for victory was taken…) YOUR TRAILS NEED YOU!


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